Expensive Elephant Polo and Horse Parade

Expensive Elephant Polo and Horse Parade


Elephant polo is a game quite similar to the horse polo. Main difference is that players ride elephants instead of horses. Elephant polo is often played in India and Thailand. The game is played with 4 players in every team. Every match is divided into two 10 minutes periods. Matches are played on a playground sized 100 metres by 70 metres.

elephant polo Expensive Elephant Polo and Horse Parade

elephant polo1 Expensive Elephant Polo and Horse Parade

elephant polo2 Expensive Elephant Polo and Horse Parade

elephant polo3 Expensive Elephant Polo and Horse Parade

credit: mbostock

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Three Most Expensive Stamps

Three Most Expensive Stamps


Sweden Three Skilling Banco

Most expesive single postage stamp sold in auction is Sweden Three Skilling.  In 1996 the stamp was sold to an anonymous collector for $2.3 million at auction. The three skilling stamp was issued in Sweden in 1855. This stamp was printed on yellow colored paper instead of the usual green color.

postage stamps Three Most Expensive Stamps

credit: fossilsue

Post Office Mauritius

The Mauritius Post Office stamps were issued by the British Colony Mauritius located in the Indian Ocean in September 1847. A local watchmaker from the capital city of Port Louis engraved the words Post Office instead of the correct words Post Paid on the stamps. About 30 copies of these stamps have survived and they are valued at between $600,000 or more

postage stamps1 Three Most Expensive Stamps

credit: Philatelic Library

U.S. Franklin Z-Grill

Only 2 copies of this stamps are known to exist. Stamps were issued in 1867. These stamps show a portrait of Benjamin Franklin and are embossed with a Z-Grill – being a pattern of tiny squares embossed into the paper and visible on the back of the stamps. The purpose of the “Z-Grill” was to permit the canceling ink to be absorbed into the stamp paper thus preventing those who wanted to cheat the post from washing out cancellation marks. An 1868 1 cent “Z-Grill” stamp sold for $930,000 in 1988.

postage stamps2 Three Most Expensive Stamps

credit: sejutaluka

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