Sumida Aquarium, Tokio

Sumida Aquarium, Tokio


The Sumida Aquarium is one of the main attractions of the Tokyo Skytree Town complex in Tokyo. The moderately sized, and beautifully designed modern aquarium houses over 10,000 sea creatures on the 5th and 6th floors of Tokyo Solamachi, a shopping and entertainment complex at the base of the Tokyo Skytree. There are multiple exhibits with artfully arranged and lit tanks in dimly lit corridors and rooms. There is no specific course; instead, visitors are encouraged to roam and explore freely. A highlight is the “Animals Enjoying Water” exhibit of penguins and fur seals, large pools which you can walk around and enjoy from many angles.

Open Hours:
9:00–21:00 (last admission 20:00)

Time required:
Approx. 1 hour

Adults 2,000 yen
High school students (ages 16–18) 1,500 yen
Middle and elementary school students (ages 7–15) 1,000 yen
Preschool children (ages 3–6) 600 yen

sumida aquarium Sumida Aquarium, Tokio

sumida aquarium1 Sumida Aquarium, Tokio

sumida aquarium2 Sumida Aquarium, Tokio

sumida aquarium3 Sumida Aquarium, Tokio

sumida aquarium4 Sumida Aquarium, Tokio

sumida aquarium5 Sumida Aquarium, Tokio

sumida aquarium6 Sumida Aquarium, Tokio

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