Singapore F1 Night Race 2014

Singapore F1 Night Race 2014


The event takes place in Singapore on the Marina Bay Street Circuit and was the inaugural F1 night race and the first street circuit in Asia. It keeps the drivers on European time, which is very difficult when its light when you are going to bed and night when you wake up.

Marina Bay, Singapore track data

Lap length: 5.065km (3.147 miles)
Race laps: 61
Race distance: 308.828km (191.897 miles)
Pole position:  Right-hand side of the track
Lap record* 1’48.574 (167.941 kph) by Sebastian Vettel, 2013
Fastest lap 1’42.841 (177.303 kph) by Sebastian Vettel, 2013
Maximum speed: 296kph (183.926 mph)
DRS zone/s (race): Pit straight and straight to turn seven
Distance from grid to turn one: 200m

Full throttle: 46%
Longest flat-out section: 832m
Downforce level: Maximum
Gear changes per lap: 80
Fuel use per lap: 1.6kg
Time penalty per lap of fuel: 0.064s

f1 night race Singapore F1 Night Race 2014

f1 night race1 Singapore F1 Night Race 2014

f1 night race2 Singapore F1 Night Race 2014

f1 night race3 Singapore F1 Night Race 2014

f1 night race4 Singapore F1 Night Race 2014

credit: Bryn Pinzgauer

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