Canadas Best Places – Victoria

Canadas Best Places – Victoria


Victoria is the capital of British Columbia. The city is named after Queen Victoria. With its forested mountains and ocean, cycling and hiking trails, beaches, public markets, and green parks make your spirits soar. Approximately 3.5 million visitors spend at least a night in Victoria every year. There are another 50,000 visitors who come for a day only – primarily via cruise-ships. National Geographic recognizes Vancouver Island as one of the best cold-water diving destinations on earth and the renowned Jacques Cousteau Society rates the area second only to the Red Sea for diversity of marine life and water clarity.

victoria Canadas Best Places   Victoria

victoria1 Canadas Best Places   Victoria

victoria2 Canadas Best Places   Victoria

victoria3 Canadas Best Places   Victoria

victoria4 Canadas Best Places   Victoria

victoria5 Canadas Best Places   Victoria

victoria6 Canadas Best Places   Victoria

victoria7 Canadas Best Places   Victoria

victoria8 Canadas Best Places   Victoria

victoria9 Canadas Best Places   Victoria

victoria10 Canadas Best Places   Victoria

victoria11 Canadas Best Places   Victoria

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