Cool Pencil Portrait Drawing

Cool Pencil Portrait Drawing


This portraits was drawn from a photograph, just sketched it in and rendered it. The main advantage of these drawings is you can add complex shading and hard and soft lines with pencil that you cannot achieve with a pen. When properly used, graphite pencils and charcoal pencils can create emotionally powerful black and white drawings.

pencil drawings Cool Pencil Portrait Drawing

julia roberts

pencil drawings1 Cool Pencil Portrait Drawing

julia roberts

pencil drawings2 Cool Pencil Portrait Drawing

Diana Frances

pencil drawings3 Cool Pencil Portrait Drawing

marilyn monroe

pencil drawings4 Cool Pencil Portrait Drawing

kathrine hepburn

pencil drawings5 Cool Pencil Portrait Drawing

audrey herpburn

pencil drawings6 Cool Pencil Portrait Drawing

lauren bacall

credit: jason-sh


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  2. Madhan says:

    Hi, i am facinated about portrait, especially pencil portraits. I liked princess Diana and Marlyn Manroe especially. Really nice. But really they do not look like pencil drawing, it is more like charcoal drawing. You have great talent and keep your good work. Keep Drawing & Best wishes.

  3. pablo says:

    I really like your drawings! I love your style. It looks a lot like the drawings i would do if I could (but I don’t have nearly as much talent and hability as you, drawing is just a little hobby to me)

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